MEASURE FOR MEASURE event program| Festival of Ideas, BPIPompidou Center

Art performance and Debate

Paris 18 Nov. 2016, 18:45

CENTRE POMPIDOU – Petite Salle, Forum -1

Measure for Measure is an artistic and scientific research project that explores the perception of universal dimensions as notions we use daily to grasp the world around us. The project installations (One Minute, One Meter and One Gram) depict personal subjective measures that are surveyed through performative encounters with participants across cultures and countries. Measure for Measure represents the affinity between individuals and values the differences between them. Measure for Measure team: Sabaï Ramedhan-Levi (art) and Ariel Lindner (science).

For the Festival of Ideas 1st edition in Paris, excerpts from the Measure for Measure installations are combined with a public debate (in French). Debate team: Matteo Merzagora (moderator), Jean-Claude Ameisen, Emmanuel Grimaud and  Sabaï Ramedhan-Levi (panelists).

Detailed program:

18h45: ONE MINUTE (Video projection)
A series of videos of One Minute, including participants from the public of the Pompidou center’s library. They were filmed for this occasion in a series of performative encounters at the library in October 2016.

19h00: HOLD-UP ONE MINUTE (participatory performance)
Collective public live participation in the One Minute experiment

19h15: VAGUE UNDERSTANDINGS: Do we see the world like machines? (debate, in French)
“Give me a minute”, “It’s in 50 meters” – human sociability relies on a series of inaccurate, yet very useful, understandings. Will the evolution of machines allow them one day to adapt to imprecise human conventions? Will the human capacity be altered by interaction with machines? How does the way we perceive and measure the world evolve in contact with the machines?

Jean-Claude Ameisen (doctor, immunologist, University Paris Diderot)
Emmanuel Grimaud (anthropologist, CNRS researcher author)
Sabaï Ramedhan-Levi (artist, architect DPLG)

Matteo Merzagora (director of Espace Pierre Gilles de Gennes)

20h45: ONE METER (performance)
Brief ceremonial performance, where subjective meter metal rods, tailored from participants’ measurements are dispersed as in a mikado game; they unite to become the sculptures. Slow-motion video of this unique, chance-governed instance depicts the infinite possibilities of random situations, relations and interactions amongst individuals.


The Festival of Ideas is organized by USPC, Sorbonne Paris City University in partnership with the Centre Pompidou-BPI


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