Sabaï Anouk Ramedhan-Levi

Visual artist, multimedia installations: drawings, sculptures & video art, Paris.

(Key art works below; link to portfolio)

Sabaï Ramedhan-Levi is an Italo-Indonesian artist, based in Paris. She started her professional life as an architect. She worked on projects spanning from archaeology and renovation of historical urban centers to collaborating with major architecture firms on museology and scenography (Grand Palais, Musée d’Orsay, 104 Paris). Her theoretical works were centered on evolution of cities’ morphology. Since 2006, Sabaï works as a full-time artist. Her work is focused on moments of transitions: of objects, of people, of herself. Stones, earth, metal, cloths, clay, pigment, rice paper and video are used to document a perpetually changing reality through transpositions in time or space. Her works were exhibited in several countries including France, Israel and Germany.

Her earlier art works focused on the notion that every moment consists of memory, reality and desires (past, present and future), simultaneously. The narratives resulting from the superposition of different images and their changing combinations reveal the dynamic and temporal movement of life (7-10,15).
Drawing on her multiple identities, more recent works depict different scales of Sabaï’s worlds. These works, that can be read as fantasies, as love letters, or as alarms for places at risk, result from a continuous attempt to preserve the intensive links with her personal landmarks (e.g. Venezia, Indonesia, desert) (3,19,21-23). Migrants often abandon the idea of finding back the places left behind; Sabaï refers to the places remaining within them. Flexible morphologies emerging from these works describe urban spaces undergoing constant, at times tremendous transformation. In the same vein, her new project reconstructs participants’ scales and memories of their own landmarks (24).

Starting 2011, Sabaï’s search for reconstructing realities led her to initiate collaborative art/science participatory projects (16-18). The Measure for Measure project focuses on the measurement, collection and assembly of universal units (meter, gram, minute) as perceived by hundreds of participants. Scientific and artistic research meet here around the notion of variability. Variations express a life made of multitude and uniqueness. They reflect the subtle differences that define the complexity of individuals’ lives and reveal the combination of interactions amongst them. This is depicted by the project’s installations as a rich territory of exchanges. In Sincronia, a series of videos document the conscious and unconscious reflections/exchanges between two faces observing each other, unfolding their untold story and revealing hidden emerging synchronicity between them.

History (B.Sc. 1991, Paris Diderot University); History of Art and Archaeology (B.Sc. 1992, Sorbonne University), Arts (1998, International program, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem), Architecture (2002, thesis, DPLG summa cum laude, Ecole d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville).

Key Art Works
(a) in progress; (b) ongoing

40. Untitled Series 3-176/3-671 (drawings, pen, paper, digital rendering)
39. Measure for Measure: Art Performances and Debate, Centre Pompidou
38. Measure for Measure: One Minute participative performance, Centre Pompidou Library
37(b). Objets en Tout Genre (participative videos)

36(b). Sincronia (Participative performance)
35. From One Minute to Another
(Installation and Performance commissioned by ESPCI for the European Night of Research)
34. Measure for Measure ENSAG  (participative video 2’59”, Collective Performance)
33. Untitled Series 2-942/3-175 (drawings, pen, paper, digital rendering)
32. Laborama (40 photographs)
31. One Minute Quartets (Participative performance at ESPGG)

30(b). Measure for Measure (participative project)
29(b). Handmade Houses (drawings, models, videos)
28(a). 1989 (video 7’24”)
27. Time in Berlin, (Humboldt University; participative performance and video 4’13”)
26. Back in a Minute! (subjective sand-clock, project for glass sculpture)
25. Untitled Series 2-577 /2-941 (drawings, pen, paper, digital rendering)

24(b). Handmade Houses (drawings, models, videos)
23(a). Patastrine (hand-made figurines, time-lapse movie)
22(a). Venezia Tascabile  (installation; time-lapse movie, 80cmx80cm polymer clay, 1:500 scaled city)
21. A passo di lumaca (rocks, water, 6 x 2’40’’ videos)
20. Untitled Series 2-212 (6 drawings, pen, paper, digital rendering, 15cmx270cm)

19. Spazio-Temporale (32 photographs, sculptures)
18(b). Urchins (12 participants, 12 x 1’40’’ videos)
17(b). Sincronia (participative project; 4 participants, 7’48’’, 4’55’’, 2×7’24’’ videos)
16(b). Measure for Measure (participative project, installation and performance: One Meter: 62 subjective meters, brass bars; One Gram: 31 stamped sugar paper bags, personalized note inside, 610.2g sugar & brass powder; One Minute: 16 subjective minutes, 2’21’’ videos; premiered at Herzlyia Artists Residence,  Israel)
15. Phasis (3 engraved zinc plates, rice paper, needles, PDMS; 21cmx22cm, 2x69cmx38cm)

14. Giudizio universale (time-lapse movie 2’40’’)
13. Svelato (time-lapse movie 2’40’’)
12. Pietra Preziosa (video 2’01’’)
11. Tutto puo trasformarsi in tutto (video 5’59’’)

10. Autoportraits II (projected drawing sequence 8’02’’)
9. Autoportraits I (11 pigment drawings; 32cmx45cm)
8. Reti (4 videos: 2’09’’ 4’19’’ 4’41’’ 3’43’’)

7. Exil
(Installation projected drawing sequence, sculpture, sound, video 5’47’’, commissioned by  Maison des Métallos)
6. Scale di Giacobbe (drawings for growing bamboo installation)
5. Chemins non répertoriés (4 videos: 1’52’’, 5’00’’, 11’00’’, 30’17’’)

4. Nidi (10 pencil drawings)
3. Desert (9 drawings; watercolours, pencil)
2. Orme (22 drawings; pigment, soil)
1. Untitled series (50 drawings, soil)

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